We will…

tell you who we are and what we’re doing.


tell you what is happening before, during and after treatment.


give you the information you need to make decisions about treatment.


give instructions for how to care for your child at home.



To serve you better, please…


tell us everything you know about your child’s health.


tell us what your child and your family need.


tell us if your child has pain – we will respond as quickly as possible.


let us know if we were not clear with the information or instructions you received.


let us know if you need help understanding your bill and financial responsibilities.


let us know if you need access to your child’s medical records.



As a partner in your child’s care, we…


honor your central role in your child’s care.


respect that you know your child best.


welcome your questions about your child’s care.


respect your spirit and cultural needs.


value your privacy and confidentiality.